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Homeless Shelter is a term that is sweet who does not own a home.We are here to make your dream true.

We have always had the homeless with us, but homeless shelters are not so prevalent. In many areas the homeless are less visible while in others, often in the same city, they're almost underfoot. But recent years have been witness to a much more rapid growth in homeless individuals than ever before in the United States.

​In some of our cities entire areas, the only homeless shelters are unused fields, abandoned buildings, parks and recreational areas, any and all of these can be targets for the homeless to seek shelter as well as more infamous shelters such as beneath overpasses and bridges.

​A tragedy as great as being homeless is that many of the less empathetic prey upon those who are most vulnerable, stealing their shoes and blankets and other necessities that offer the only hope they have of surviving another day on the streets.

​Many of these unfortunates are, of course, mentally ill, and need counseling. That in itself poses a grave problem because a part of their problem is that so many are unable not only to seek help but quite unwilling to accept it.

​Others suffer from other maladies that keep them from gainful employment. Drugs are high on this list along with alcohol and other problems.

Homeless Shelter

​In any event, once an individual hits bottom, it becomes almost impossible to get back up and find shelter or a job. These days, most employers seek employees through the Internet. Homeless individuals not only lack a computer, but very few have a telephone where they might be reached, and having no fixed address, there is little chance a potential employer might get into contact with them.

​While most cities and many Christian missions do offer a certain amount of shelter for homeless persons, very few permit an individual to spend the night if he/she smells of alcohol or appears to have been drinking. Even if the person's mental condition appears to be disruptive, the shelter will close its doors. The shelters that do help however cannot offer permanent or even semi-permanent shelter.

​But as the public becomes more conscious of this growing problem, more and more programs are coming into operation every day.

​One such program offering homeless shelter is Housing for New Hope. Presently serving over two thousand people, some of the programs provide emergency financial assistance. Another team helps manage cases for the uninsured homeless in their area. These are individuals whose behavior makes it difficult for them to receive mainstream treatment. They work in the streets, many being former homeless themselves, and therefore know where and how to find and approach others.

​Housing for New Hope's rapid Rehousing program helps families and individuals to secure permanent housing. In as little as one day, an entire family may stop living on the streets or in a car and step into a new home. Through such volunteer programs, the volunteers gain as much as the persons they help.

​Project Hope not only offers educational services to help homeless and low-income women meet the basic educational needs required to obtain and keep employment and to deal with other demands of daily living. Many offer children's centers as well, so mothers may freely get out and see gainful employment.

​Family shelters provide help and protection for the many who find themselves not only homeless but have children to protect.

​Hope (Homeless Outreach Programs for Entitlement) offers many services for the homeless. Father Joe's Villages homeless shelters offer a well-known charitable homeless shelter for so many.

​California now offers a new program for mental health services that provides ongoing training and education to help others understand and become involved in these problems that keep so many of our citizens on the streets.


​When we see a pitiful individual standing on a street corner—and in some areas there is one on every other corner we pass—it's only too easy to assume the person is too lazy to get out and look for a job. Just imagine for a moment what it must be like to stand on a street corner for six or eight hours! Imagine the humiliation and the strain. What about bathrooms? In such areas nearby businesses invariably have a sign in the window that warns people that their restrooms are for paying customers only. Where can such an individual sit down for a moment? At the curb? A very dangerous place to hope to rest. Just standing by a traffic signal in the median can be extremely dangerous.

​Another facility called Walter's House not only provides homeless shelter but helps individuals revamp their thinking, helping to realize how their thinking and attitude often work against them, and helping them to give their minds and spirits a fresh start.

​More and more hope programs are springing up around the country, and nearly all depend directly upon our financial support. The money we donate to these programs is never wasted; what it does is help save wasted lives.

hope housing program

​Perhaps the most aggressive and comprehensive plan to date is the HOPE program in the South Bronx. This group not only trains people in ways to overcome poverty, new jobs and career advancement, but in addition to its many other focuses on ways to help the homeless, HOPE has instituted a program to help individuals and families find affordable rental housing that includes the opportunity actually to buy the property and eventually become homeowners rather than mere renters. While rent-to-own programs are not new, many in the past have been structured in such a way that it was not only very difficult for the would-be owner to keep up, but some even appeared to have been designed to encourage failure. http://www.thehopeprogram.org is a plan that is truly engaged in helping the homeless and finding permanant housing for them. Whether you're homeless, or an concerned and interested individual willing and able to invest your time and/or money in a very worthwhile cause, look into this program today.

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